We encourage honest , courteous , positive , caring , every corner of the company are filled with joy in loving homely atmosphere make dreams come true and achieve the ideal place. We know that poor people a dollar millionaires than ten thousand yuan more important. We know , hard life , yet all property donated to establish a scholarship woman profound mind. We know that kids love to play pointer to the meaning . We know the meaning of sweat Oil God God hydraulic oil hydraulic culture is people's values ​​, the core values ​​of innovation. It is produced and gradually formed a decade hydraulic characteristics of God in the course of development of oil in the cultural system .
God hydraulic oil cultural concept of innovation as a precursor to strategic innovation as the basis for the protection of organizational innovation , technology and innovation as a means to market innovation as the goal , along with God hydraulic oil from small to big, from big to strong, from China to the world, God hydraulic oil culture itself is also constantly innovate and develop . Generally agree that employees , active participation is the biggest characteristic of God hydraulic oil culture. Currently, oil hydraulic God 's goal is to create China 's world famous , winning glory for the nation . God this goal so that the development of hydraulic oil combines perfectly with the value of the individual employees to pursue hydraulic oil of God , God hydraulic oil every employee will be realized in the process of hydraulic oil God 's world famous big goal , the full realization of personal value and pursuit. God hydraulic oil culture constantly been highly praised national experts and the media .

The spirit of enterprise
Corporate philosophy: scientific miracles , green for the benefit of society ;

Development strategy: synchronize with the giant counterparts with the world ;
Decision concept : a bold vision systems thinking constantly trying to sustained progress and timely correction ;

Work philosophy : Target plans to advance the time table ;

Business philosophy: to create a customer first, to create profits second ;

Motto : not afraid of doing something wrong , is not afraid to do things ;

Talent philosophy: how much capability , the stage is more than wide ;

Marketing idea: brand management , the value of sales ; no off-season market, only the off-season thinking.

Reflect the corporate culture
Customers: continue to provide timely and high-quality products and services in China and worldwide , to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Staff : every employee involved in the success of the business, share the success of our business.

To shareholders : constantly improve the value of the enterprise.

Supplier : the same as those and the company is committed to continuously improve quality , improve service , timely delivery and cost optimization to continuously improve customer satisfaction suppliers to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial partnership.

Society : there is to be a responsible corporate citizen .