◇ Service Mission
Haimen God hydraulic oil company has consistently adhered to the "customer first , goodness and beauty " business philosophy , dedicated to providing customers with fast, attentive service . In improving the quality of products , and always provide excellent customer service as the company win market Key . In any area, can get Haimen God hydraulic oil company technicians most timely quality service.
◇ Quality Assurance
Products sold in 30 days after the delivery of the following circumstances responsible for refunding , replacement costs incurred shall be borne by God Haimen oil hydraulic machinery Co., Ltd.
1 customer receives the product and ordering product model does not match.
2 customers receive the product does not meet the requirements of the provisions of the order , resulting in normal use .
3 can not properly use the product exists and can not be repaired defects.
4 resulting in product defects , can not be repaired in the delivery of the transport process .
◇ Product Warranty
From the date of delivery of the product since One year , under normal use , due to product quality reasons ( such as improper use of non- human causes ) caused by equipment failure , free warranty.

◇ Product Maintenance
Haimen God hydraulic oil products to provide customers with lifelong home maintenance and other accessories cheap supply .